Retail is leading the way in the new customer-first economy.  Consumers continue to demand more and they expect every experience to be seamless.

Digital disruption has been talked about for years; it’s not new.  However, the pace of adoption has meant that many customer-facing systems have often been built in silo.

At Niu Solutions we work with our customers to consolidate the view of their customer. We provide technology platforms that centralise their existing systems and applications – communication and seamless integration are key for a joined-up customer experience.

Consumer demands continue to change rapidly, standing still is not an option. Agility and flexibility are at the heart of our technology platforms. It’s important to have the freedom to innovate, with the resilience to change direction quickly when needed.


Industry Expertise

We have a solid understanding of the market, we specialise in fashion, hospitality and high velocity food chains, providing the agility and flexibility to enable fast growth

Consultative Approach

We consult with our customers, providing strategic advice on implementing long term technology strategies, designed to enable their business strategy

Digital Innovation

We work as a long term partner, up to date with the latest technologies we ensure our customers drive and maintain competitive edge


Built for you

Whether it’s private, public or hybrid cloud, we design the environment that’s right for you. It’s about stability, flexibility and scalability to meet your future demands. Agility and resilience to enable innovation.  Security to protect your customers’ data. We tailor it all to meet your business needs.


Securing your customer’s data

As the amount of customer data collected continues to rise, so does the security risk. We deploy high security standards that pro-actively and re-actively ensure all your customer’s data is secure. We safeguard your brand reputation.

Our security accreditations

ISO27001 & 9001

LRQA accredited throughout our whole business


Certified services provider


Centre for Internet Security

Member for collaboration on security best practices


A truly omni-channel experience

In retail, customer experience is king.  And more specifically omni-channel customer experience. Bringing together data from diverged systems to obtain a single view of your customer can be tricky. Our centralised technology platforms make this easier.


We de-risk your strategy

To keep up in the digital world, it’s all about being able to move fast and change direction.  We provide you with the resilience and support you need to adjust quickly.  The freedom to innovate.


Fast speed to market

We know that speed to market is critical when opening a new store.  That’s why we’ve established our turn-key store solution where we standardise store requirements and co-ordinate with third parties for rapid deployment.


‘Vintage’ systems

The term ‘legacy’ is often viewed as a negative.  That’s why we prefer ‘vintage’; just because something is old doesn’t mean it’s bad. We work with our customers to understand what’s slowing them down and what’s not – updating systems and integrating them with new applications to make the most of their digital estate.


Managing your critical applications

In the world of cloud, organisations typically buy rather than build.  Creating differentiation through an aligned software strategy.  We establish effective working relationships with your software partners, ensuring high availability and seamless integration of your most business critical applications.

Our approach

At Niu Solutions, we take the time to really understand you.  We get to know your business drivers and importantly, your people.  We want to know where you see your organisation in the future. We listen.

Understanding your challenges, objectives, and appetite to risk. We advise. We work collaboratively to take your business on a journey.

Using our enterprise-class technology, we combine our knowledge of you with our industry expertise to build the right environment for you. Creating an aligned technology strategy, taking into consideration your compliance requirements, security, systems upgrades, application integration, data management, and cloud adoption.

We provide you with a platform that gets you where you need to be today and in the future.

We believe that communication and visibility are key when managing your transition. That’s why our qualified experts use industry recognised management processes to guarantee the highest quality outcomes.

We act as an extension of your IT team. If things do go wrong, we respond quickly, you can rely on us to treat you as a priority; you will never be just a number.

A technology partner for the future, we continue to consult and advise on the latest technology and industry trends. We ensure you maintain your competitive edge and differentiated customer experience in the rapidly moving digital world.

Our managed services

Cloud and Hybrid Services

Desktop Services & Workforce Mobility

Voice & Collaboration






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