Our ISV Partnership Programme

As cloud adoption grows, end user expectations are changing. Customers no longer want to host their infrastructure on-premise; this goes for their software too.

The number of applications delivered via cloud vs. hosted on-premise is accelerating rapidly.

In this new world, end user organisations expect their software to simply work, to integrate seamlessly with their existing environment. The application and the infrastructure are no longer seen as separate entities; Cloud has merged these two worlds together.


CIOs indicated they would source all their critical apps in the Cloud by 2020

Source: Gartner


Total Cloud workloads will be SaaS by 2018, up from 41% in 2013

Source: Cisco


Organisations for which SaaS will be the dominant model of application consumption by 2018

Source: Gartner

How we work with ISVs

At Niu Solutions, we launched our ISV Partnership Programme to work alongside ISVs to provide the technology layer you need to succeed in this new world. Using our enterprise-class technology, we not only build the right environment to optimise the performance of your application, we also provide full end-to-end management and support.

By taking care of the delivery, maintenance, monitoring and support of your software, we enable you to focus energy and resource on your core business; the application.

We give our ISV partners the Freedom to Succeed.

A partnership for the long term

The real value of our partnership comes with longer term engagement. Over time we learn the deployment lessons your customers don’t want to learn for themselves. We work with you to ensure the initial provisioning, as well as the ongoing day-to-day running of your software, is seamless.

It’s about enhancing the overall experience for your customers.

We provide you with reference architecture. Through repeatable platforms we reduce your deployment time and speed up your sales cycles.

Our ISO accredited standardised systems and processes ensure smooth delivery of each deployment.

We have the highest levels of security and compliance accreditation. We are experts at delivering applications securely, as well as demonstrably meeting the most stringent of compliance requirements, including the FCA.

You can be confident that we will keep your customer’s data secure, and safeguard your reputation.

We can provide 24/7 end user support to your customers, taking away the resource burden from you. Acting as a single point of contact, we can triage customer issues and only pass the more severe ones back to you.

End customers want the application and infrastructure to act as one, so we provide a service where they do.

We believe in partnerships of continuous improvement.

We work with you to streamline your hosted solution over time, making processes and deployments more slick through automation.

We run application maintenance such as batch processing and can create bespoke monitors, enhancing the value of your overall customer proposition.

Our Partnership services

Cloud & Hybrid Services

Managed Services


Security & Compliance

Application Delivery

Application Monitoring & Maintenance

End User Helpdesk


Marketing Collaboration

Go-to-market support,
potential for joint proposition
and campaign development

Sales Alignment

Build joint end user
engagement model including
joint pipeline development

What ISVs need to know when considering the move to SaaS

Watch our webinar with IBM where we discuss the perceived challenges of moving to a SaaS delivery platform and what steps can be taken to overcome these


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