Check out a recent Fintech panel where Peter Gee, Managing Director at Niu Solutions, was joined by Kit Carson, Head of Banking Products at Verdict Financial, Nigel Verdon, CEO and co-founder of RailsBank and Stephen Walker, Lead Analyst at Current Analysis to discuss the 2017 key trends in Retail Banking.

Key topics include:

· Open banking – Spurred on by regulators, banks will implement plans to open their APIs to third parties, leading some banks to become marketplaces.
· Data analytics – Banks and fintechs will use wider access to transactional and other personal financial data to provide consumers with high quality insight and advice.
· AI – As artificial intelligence becomes more sophisticated, banks will make greater use of this technology, most obviously with chatbot applications.
· New entrants – More digital-only banks will launch or expand their presence in 2017, but customer acquisition will be a challenge.
· Channel use – Branch closure programs will accelerate, while mobile will continue to grow in functionality and popularity, albeit at a slower rate than before.
· Regulation – Regulators will pay increasing attention to the fintech sector as its growing size increases its potential to affect the market, for good or for ill.